When Baby Becomes Big Sibling – Quotes & Reviews

Last week I launched my very first book! It’s titled: When Baby Becomes Big Sibling, it’s all about thriving through the transitions that come when adding a new baby to your family. Especially for families with a young toddler who is about to be “upgraded” to big sibling for the first time!

In the next few weeks there are several bloggers that will be doing reviews of the book and sharing them on their own blogs. Kathryn from Singing Through the Rain had one go up today, and I’ll update this post as there are more!



I did want to share a few quotes from the book itself. Please feel free to share these quotes on your social media profiles if you like them, to raise awareness for the book! I had so much fun writing the book, and I hope that every one has an equally fun time reading it!

one love


Our second child was expected, but it seemed like just after I got pregnant, so many worries and fears immediately came up in my mind. In my book, I share many of them to encourage other mamas who may be feeling something similar.

Amazon review:

I love this realistic approach to parenting. If you want a real mom’s perspective on things, not a cookie cutter, Pinterest Perfect view, then this book is for you. She gives practical advice on everything from juggling the two fussy kiddos to which books to read to help your little one get used to the idea of having a baby around. This is a helpful and fun book to read. I would recommend it to anyone who is having a little anxiety over the idea of a new little one around.
best friend

Another Amazon review:

This book is perfect for a parent expecting another baby (whether it is your 2nd or your 6th!). She gives really awesome advice on how to approach it and how to get your other children involved and excited. This book is a must-read and I tell all of my pregnant (or trying to become pregnant) friends to read it.
 Tantrum throwing mess
You can buy the book on amazon for only $3.99!
To give you a little bit more of an idea of what you will see in the book, here’s the table of contents!

Section One: Preparing You


Chapter 1 – Pregnancy – “This Is Definitely Harder Than I Remember”

Chapter 2 – But I Can Barely Keep Up With One!

Chapter 3 – Stealing The Baby Years

Chapter 4 – What If I Don’t Love This One As Much As I Love My First?

Chapter 5 – Am I A Good Enough Mom To Handle Another?

Chapter 6 – It’s Not Baby’s Fault


Section Two: Preparing Your Toddler

Chapter 7 – Books For The Big Kid

Chapter 8 – The Baby Doll: They’re Not Just For Girls

Chapter 9 – To Gift Or Not To Gift

Chapter 10 – What To Give


Section Three: Transitioning With

Your Toddler

Chapter 11 – Who Goes First: Balancing Mealtimes, Car Trips and Hugs

Chapter 12 – Regression: Not Again!

Chapter 13 – Being Consistent

Chapter 14 – Attention

Chapter 15 – We Don’t Hit Baby: Tips For Redirection

Chapter 16 – Too. Much. Help.

Chapter 17 – Ways Big Siblings Can Help

Chapter 18 –What’s It Really Like?


This book would also make a great baby shower gift for any mama who is about to have another baby!

Do you want this book for yourself? Or for a friend?


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    It’s a crazy experience! I just had my baby (another boy) and my son is 14 months old. At first I could tell he really didn’t understand. “Why isn’t mommy picking me up?” (I had a c-section and I can’t right now…) And he was getting very anxious and whiny whenever I was taking care of the baby and not him. Now he gives the baby kisses and gets excited when he sees the baby first thing in the morning. He tries to bring him toys to play with. The only problem is that he tries to play with him the way he plays with his sister (which involves tickling or wrestling). Luckily I am always close by so nothing has happened except some almost smacks or grabs to the face of the little guy. But he is adjusting and doing well. Thanks for writing this book! I’m sure it can help others prepare.

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    Hi Paula! Congrats on the book and having lived through this once upon a time, I know it will be so helpful to many families. Thanks so much for sharing at Best of the Weekend – have a happy Friday!

  3. says

    This is great!!! I have a 2 year old girl and a 3 month old girl. Thankfully they love each other so far but I know I have many situations ahead of me that will be learning experiences!


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