4 Ways to Help Your Family Drink More Water

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We all know that we need to stay hydrated, but if you are like me this isn’t always the easiest thing to do. I’ve never drunk enough water, even when I was a kid there were a couple times that I almost passed out from dehydration and heat exhaustion!

I’ve never had a good habit of water drinking, and while it’s still something I struggle with myself, I’m doing my best to help my kids create good drinking habits! They LOVE to drink and it serves as a good reminder for me to drink a glass when they do!

Here are a few ways we are all working to drink more water!

  1. Water First – Before we drink anything else, we all have water. In fact, I’ve even been saving their milk for later in the day so every one gets a LOT of water in before having anything else. I love drinking milk and could drink it instead of water, but I’ve been limiting myself this way too so we’re all learning to drink more water together!
  2. Nothing in the house –Another rule we’ve enforced is not bringing any drinks in our house other than water and milk. No sodas or juices at home! We all enjoy these things outside of our home, but at home the only option is water (and milk once a day!).
  3. Drink Together –If one kiddo is thristy, we all get a drink. Instead of just drinking when YOU feel thirsty, we’re all training our bodies to feel that thirst more often, by drinking some water even when we don’t feel like we absolutely need it. With two small kids, some one is bound to be thristy at any given moment, so it’s really helped get me in a better drinking habit after years of ignoring my body’s cues of thirstr
  4. Great rewards – I always like hearing about new (and easy!) rewards programs! It’s an easy way to earn a little something for purchases you are already making! The Nestlé® Pure Life® Drink Better. Live Better.™ campaign is a good one that I came across recently! It’s both thrifty and an encouragement to drink more! 

You can sign up via the link above, use your Facebook account to do it and earn a quick 10 points like I did!

There are then a variety of ways you can earn points. You can redeem codes on Nestle® Purle Life® packages, watch videos share on Facebook and invite your friends!


There are so many ways to redeem your points once you’ve earned them! You can get a free case of water or even some gift cards to places like Amazon and Universal Studios! Yes please!!!

 photo M2_NPL_Rewards_DBLB_Promo_Logo_UampL_RGBJPG_zps2b7d24f5.jpg

Be sure to check out this video if you want to learn more about Nestle® Pure Life® and their rewards program. Major bonus points for the adorable little girl in the video! Can’t even handle the cuteness!

What is your secret to helping your family drink more water? 

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  1. Danielle B says

    We don’t drink anything outside of water and milk either. I do want to add, toddlers NEED 2 cups of dairy per day. One serving equals one cup.


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