The Best Lunchtime Ideas For Kids

Best Lunchtime ideas for kids

Welcome! To find more fun posts like this please follow me on Pinterest. Thanks for visiting!This article is sponsored by Fruit Shoot Packing lunches is something that started earlier in motherhood than I expected it to. I figured I wouldn’t have to worry about it until my kiddos were in school, but alas, day trips […]

So You Think You’re Pro-Life

so you think you're pro-life

I walk into the store already cringing inside. I try to be optimistic. Maybe it won’t happen this time. If I carry my head high, if I look happy and confident, surely it won’t happen today. Not now. Not here. . .  I browse the isles smiling to myself as my baby kicks in my belly. […]

Toddler Acting Out After New Baby Comes Home

Toddler is acting out after the new baby came home

Toddler acting out and throwing major tantrums after the new baby comes home. Sound familiar? First of all, this is normal. It’s certainly not the most enjoyable time of parenting, but it not typically a cause for alarm either. The sheer number of times people find my blog everyday after searching something like “15 month […]

Pin It Party #44


Welcome back to the pin it party! Last week’s most popular pin was from Caronline Nixon of Anchored in His Grace! The title of the post made me wonder what she was talking about, “leaving the little ones“! It’s a very heartfelt and helpful post, I encourage you to check it out! You can also […]

Tangy Black Bean Salsa

tangy black bean salsa

Today we have a super yummy recipe for you – Tangy Black Bean Salsa! This salsa is “lick the bowl clean” delicious! It is based on my favorite locally prepared salsa, but when the price got to high I had to come up with a version of my own. We are always in need of different […]

$500 Cash Giveaway!


Who would like to win $500 cash? I figured that pretty much every one would, so I jumped at the chance to participate in bringing this giveaway to you! Are you already thinking about what you’d do with an extra $500? Pay off some debt? Save it? Buy groceries? The possibilities are endless! All you […]

When Raising Awareness Is Pointless

When raising awareness is pointless.jpg

While raising awareness has it’s place, I think more often than not, we’re doing it wrong. Yes, it’s good to be made aware of things going on in the world around us that we might not have known previously, but this is useless if we don’t do anything about what we learn. Awareness is not the […]

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