5 Ways to Cut Household Expenses

Household Budget

It seems like we are always looking for ways to cut household expenses. It amazes me how much money it costs just to get by in life, but these tips are awesome ways to make it cost a bit less for your family. Buy generic brands One of the easiest ways to cut your budget is to buy store ...

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Redhead girl at wheat field

Learning to be Content

Contentment. It's something I've struggled with for awhile. Our family is definitely in a place of transitions. We're a family of 4 living in a 2 bedroom apartment (on the 3rd story), we share ...

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good parents need to know about child abuse

Child Abuse Prevention

Even good parents need to know about and teach their kids some things about child abuse. We are raising kids in a world where, they will most likely come in contact with abuse at some point in their ...

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