50 Romantic Date Night Ideas

The bad thing about going out to dinner and a movie on Valentine’s day, is that every one else is doing it. Meaning, you are going to have to wait in long lines, and feel rushed because you know others are waiting for the table. Don’t get me wrong, I love dinner and a movie as much as the next gal, but I thought it would be good to have a HUGE list of other ideas to choose from. Lots of different ways to celebrate the holiday with tons of date night ideas, so you can do something unique, fun and without and hour & 45 minute wait time!

Valentine's day date night inspiration


Some of these ideas are free, others are super cheap and still others have a bit of a price tag, but they are still super-fun! There’s something here for everyone!

  1. Go to a local play
  2. Attend a concert
  3. Take the afternoon to fly kites
  4. Go on a date to the bookstore (this is still one of our favorites, and it’s FREE!)
  5. Write your love story together in a notebook
  6. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen for the evening
  7. Go on a virtual vacation in your living room – my husband was skeptical about this at first, but he raved about it for months afterwards!
  8. Make a romantic scavenger hunt – Include clues to places that are significant in your relationship (such as the place you met, or where you shared your first kiss). Be waiting at the end of the hunt for you hubby with a huge kiss and a present!
  9. Organize your closets, and give what you don’t need to charity
  10. Write 1 sentence predictions for the next 50 years of your marriage & see if any of them come true
  11. Go shopping, buy some exotic foods and create a new recipe together
  12. Play Kareoke at home, singing sappy love songs to each other
  13. Have a home “spa day” – buy some massaging oils, take a warm bath and give each other massages!
  14. Read a book – before you start choose a random word (like “went”) and kiss every time you hear the word in the book!
  15. Painting with a twist! – there are wonderful painting studios now, that teach you how to paint! Painting with a twist is one that I’ve been to and it was wonderful! I have no knowledge or painting skills, but I was able to finish my piece and it looks awesome! They do couples classes too where you and your spouse can do a painting together!
  16. Go dancing
  17. Take the kids on a ‘mini’ date before bedtime – dad with the daughters and mom with the sons!
  18. Go to a home-improvement store and talk about your dream home
  19. Play Pictionary – Try to draw out different significant dates in your relationship and see if your spouse can guess what you are thinking of!
  20. Try to stump each other with little known facts about your life BEFORE you met
  21. Go Dancing
  22. Find a local track and race go-karts
  23. Get a hotel room & go swimming
  24. Test drive your dream cars
  25. Play Walmart Bingo
  26. Date your kids (mom with the sons and dad with the daughters) at Mcdonalds before bedtime!
  27. Go Ice Skating Indoors (lots of malls have ice skating rinks!)
  28. Go roller blading (if you can’t find ice skating!)
  29. Try a murder mystery dinner!
  30. Skip dinner and just go out for dessert!
  31. Find an arcade and play old video games together
  32. The Mall Dare Game 
  33. Go mini-golfing
  34. Go camping (in your living room!)
  35. Play this steamy dice game
  36. Stay in a hotel, in your hometown for the night
  37. Play the getting to know you (again) matching game
  38. Go rock climbing
  39. Fondu at home (You can buy a fondue pot on amazon and lots of melting chocolates too!)
  40. Go bowling
  41. Attend a ballet or musical
  42. Darts & Burgers – The Fate Burger!
  43. Watch your Wedding Video
  44. Make it a game night – Our favorite 2 player games 
  45. Play truth or dare
  46. Get a couples massage at a local spa
  47. Go Biking on local trails
  48. Hunt for local tourist spots and visit the best ones
  49. Have a movie marathon at home
  50. Find a local arboretum or botanical garden and walk around it together

romantic date night

What do you think of these ideas? Have you ever tried any of them? Thinking of trying one this Valentine’s day? If you want some extra fun, try one of these kid date night ideas to connect with your little ones.


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  1. says

    These sound like so much fun! Another thing that my hubby and I like to do on Valentine’s or any date night is geocaching! It might be a bit cold, but it’s always fun, free, and full of adventure!

  2. Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes says

    Awesome list for Valentine’s Day – or any date night! Pinned and shared on FB :) Thanks for linking up to Freedom Fridays!

  3. says

    Great list of ideas! I wrote about a few of these ideas on my own blog recently, since it is so important to keep that friendship (and romance!) with your spouse strong! Thanks for adding to my date night idea list! :)


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