Hammers, Ice and Dinosaurs – Summer Activities

Today, Elizabeth from All Kinds of Things is sharing a fantastic summer activity for kids! Involving hammers, ice, bugs and dinosaurs!!! I, for one, can’t wait to try this with my kiddos!!!
I snatched up a couple of inexpensive ice trays – Should I be embarrassed that I didn’t already own some? Wal-Mart to the rescue!
In each open space, I placed a small plastic bug, amphibian, or reptile – My guys love little critters!
I added water & froze them overnight. (I made sure to include my little ones in this project – so they could see some science in action.
We also did this on a grander scale with a shoebox size plastic container full of animals – We even included some dinosaurs! You would’ve thought I hung the moon~
After freezing all of these goodies, the next day brought lots of fun! The “ice cubes” were dropped in glasses of water…melted on hot pavement…held in little hands until they melted…lots of fun.
However, the large block of ice called for a hammer and a screwdriver – My oldest loved “digging” for the creatures. I just love boys!
Lowe’s has been the place for picking up goodies for a few of the other activities we’ve tackled lately.
When I spotted these lumber crayons, I had to grab one in every color – I think they need to offer more than three colors, don’t you? They are so much fun! My hubby had some extra wood in the garage (from Lowe’s, no doubt), and I joined in the fun – drawing and coloring all over this piece of wood.
We have used the Free Paint Coupons that Lowe’s offers seasonally to gather paint to use for various fun projects. Another great little goodie that coupled with a piece of wood can be a great activity! Also check out their Build and Grow Program. We have not yet attended a class, but we have purchased some of the kits in-store, and they have been great for father/son bonding!
Each year, Caleb gets to plant a flower of his own, and then I let him name it.
(Once again, thank you, Lowe’s!)
Last year, his flower’s name was “turtle”. This year? “Jesus”.
I have to say, it was tough to keep a straight face over that one.
This was not intended to be a Lowe’s commercial.
However, it gives you a glimpse into where we spend a lot of our time! *wink*
In this post you will find a few other fun activities that I am planning to try this summer!
What do you have planned for your little ones?
I would love to connect with you and have you follow along with my day-to-day happenings:
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Hi! I’m Elizabeth from All Kinds of Things!
I am an elementary teacher turned mommy of two, and I am excited to be spending the day with you.
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My crew includes my hubby (David), my 2.5 year old (Caleb), and my 10 month old (Isaac).
I love finding creative ways to keep my little guys busy, and today I want to share with you a few ideas that have been a hit in our house lately!
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    I’m going to have to try this for my 6 year old. He gets bored so easily but I think rescuing toys with a hammer would be right up his alley!

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